The Clinic
We specialise exclusively in rectifying hair and scalp disorders through tried and tested scientific methods. The extensive experience of our doctors enables us to apply the most advanced techniques of modern medicine to ensure better results and minimal downtime.
The Team
The Medical Team of medartclinic consists of highly-skilled and worldwide recognised in the field of hair restoration, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons that have performed up to now thousands of hair transplant procedures in Paris, London, Geneva, Berlin, Athens, Liverpool, Manchester, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Limassol, Brussels, Belgrade and Tel Aviv.
The Goal
At Medartclinic, we respect our patients and take into account the individual needs and preferences of each and every patient. The information, diagnosis and solutions provided are decisive factors for the proper and efficient functioning of our Clinic, while each treatment plan is custom-made and exclusively designed by our medical experts.

The well-trained and dedicated Team of medartclinic aims to succeed permanent and natural-looking results, painlessly, without scars or marks in just one session.

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«There is no "Magic" solution to your hair loss problem!»


Konstantinos Dionysiou
Dermatologist / Hair Implant Surgeon


The first step is to seek a responsible medical opinion from a suitably qualified professional specialising in hair loss. The specialist will help you evaluate your options and design a treatment plan based on your needs and the desired results.
We usually choose the “specialist” based on the wrong criteria. In principle, we should always consult a doctor, especially a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon and certainly not a salesperson or a consultant, on all matters pertaining to hair transplant procedures.

The Doctor that we chose should first diagnose the type of alopecia as to determine whether a hair replacement surgery is necessary and inform us on how we can proceed with the hair transplant.

The hair transplant procedure is well established in the medical community and is a safe and successful method to treat alopecia. Millions of men in the world trust the experts to improve their image and boost their self-confidence, since the procedure constitutes a permanent solution to the problem of alopecia.
Medartclinic has never dealt with strip hair transplant surgery or any other “traditional” hair restoration procedure that leaves the patient’s scalp with permanent marks and scars. Our method does not require surgical sutures or scalpels.
The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is carried out using specially designed instruments to ensure the highest quality and precision standards.
The Team of medartclinic adjusts a hair restoration protocol for each patient in order to provide 100% natural-looking results.
The guarantee to the desired result is our thousands of satisfied patients across Europe and the written guarantee of medartclinic.
The well-trained and dedicated Team of medartclinic aims to succeed permanent and natural-looking results, painlessly, without scars or marks in one single session.



By using smaller diameter tools (0.8-0.9 mm) we can achieve a faster cicatrization, while with the method of immediate transplanting of the follicles, without having any prior cuts, we minimize the skin trauma without causing scars.
Each follicle is taken separately and placed directly on the receiving area, and in this way the follicles will not remain outside the body for hours (as it is done with other techniques), the time has now been eliminated




Our primary goal is to fully satisfy our customers. As soon as we do this, they give us the most amazing feedback and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

Constantinos Avraamides
” I cannot stress enough the fact that i am more than happy with the clinic, the professionalism of the clinic and the doctor Konstantinos Dionysiou himself. After a year and something since the day of my implantation i believe that is the best choice i made to trust Medart Clinic and no other here in Cyprus or in Greece. Thank you. “
Constantinos AvraamidesCustomer
Fotis Karvounis
My whole life changed due to the fact that my self-confidence immediately raised. A big thank you to medartclinic and particularly to Dr. Constantinos Dionysiou for the incredible results!!
Fotis KarvounisCustomer
Maybe one of the best choices I made in my life. This painless procedure changed totally my confidence and and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended clinic with experienced and super helpful staff and polite staff.